Mozambican Fried Prawns


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The first word that comes to mind when I think of the delicious meal we enjoyed last night at our second Cooking Club evening, where our little Mama (from Mama’s Kitchen) prepared the most amazing prawns and tomato rice, coupled with a decadent Milk Pudding!

The ladies gathered once again to learn a chosen recipe. This time we decided to go fancy, and boy were we thrilled we did. We felt like royalty while eating a meal so good that not many restaurants can match!

To make our evening even better we were celebrating my good friend Liezel’s birthday! For those of you who have a special occasion coming up, or simply feel like trying out an amazing prawn recipe, download the recipe and give it a go.

Mama’s Kitchen_ Cooking Club_ Mozambican Fried Prawns & Tomato Rice

Mama’s Kitchen_Cooking Club_Milk Pudding.docx

Don’t forget to tag @nineismynumber on Instagram when you do! I want to hear all about it 🙂

Happy cooking!

Much Love,




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