Creamy Mozambican Chicken Curry

I am by no means a food blogger, but I am a lifestyle blogger, and this post just happens to be a bit of both- food and lifestyle!

Not too long ago I got a brainwave. My mom-in-law (aka Mama) is a great cook and is quite the chef when it comes to Portuguese cuisine (with a Mozambican influence). I love her delicious food (although my waistline is not so grateful), and thought it would be great if she could teach me some of her popular recipes, because truth be told, I am not a natural when it comes to cooking!

I rallied up the girls and created a ladies’ night where all can learn how to cook this chosen dish from Mama. With wine and loads of chatter of course!

We decided to call this gathering “Mama’s Portuguese Kitchen Club”, and hope to host our club evening once a month going forward.

We were taught how to make Mozambican Chicken Curry. Check out the recipe, and maybe even try it for yourself!

Creamy Mozambican Chicken Curry Recipe

Oh, and I take no responsibility for incorrect anything! (Liezel was writing this down as we were learning -and drinking and talking). There are even some Portuguese words we learnt while we were at it 🙂

Tell me how your meal comes out!

Much Love,







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