Long Distance Relationships have Silver Linings

Many people claim that long distance relationships don’t work. To me this is just an excuse to not even try. Like any other relationships, long distance ones can be successful, but require a lot more commitment and effort.

Yes, long distance is difficult- it comes with a set of challenges that are not even thought of when your partner lives under the same roof as you or in very close proximity to you, and to put it plainly, it sucks!

My husband and I started “seeing” each other almost 12 years ago. He lived about 350km away from me. I was 21 at the time and studying at university while staying with my parents- so this physical distance was something that would need to stay for a while, unless he managed to move closer.

This was not to be, because a few months later I made that distance even greater (when I moved 15250km away to study in Sweden for a while). Not long after my return home, he moved to another city for a work opportunity, so we were still grappling with a hefty 600kms of space keeping us physically apart.

Often times we would get to breaking point, but communication, perseverance and of course love got us through.

Finally after almost 3 years of long distance dating, he moved under the same roof as me!

As much as those years were a very trying time, especially for “young” love, there are definitely benefits to a experiencing a long distance relationship (a successful one that is):

  1. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you do see each other you treasure the quality time together and appreciate each other more.
  2. You become an independent person with a partner (best of both worlds)
  3. You develop patience… lots of it!
  4. You make your own friends (who will be your friends even if your relationship doesn’t work)
  5. You learn to trust (this is a biggie and is possibly one of the most difficult things in long distance relationships)
  6. Commitment like no other!
  7. You establish goals as a couple and work hard to achieve them (often has to do with moving closer to each other)
  8. When you do finally live under the same roof, unsynchronised work schedules don’t bother you much.
  9. Your relationship is strong enough to get through a lot of other challenges.
  10. You have an awesome story to tell your grandkids 🙂

Even though not something I would like to do again, long distance relationships do have silver linings. Do you have any to share?

Much Love,






3 thoughts on “Long Distance Relationships have Silver Linings

  1. Wow really loving this post. My hubby and I have been together for 12 years and are doing distance for the first time in a while… it’s difficult but can also be exceptionally rewarding. Loving your blog and your posts… you’ve definitely inspired me to write a post about what travel has taught me. From one South African blogger to another, keep up the great work!

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